About Us

We're passionate about creating the perfect Out of School Care and Child Care Software because I believe life is too valuable to waste on admin. Technology should be a tool that simplifies our life, yet most current day software options are often clunky and cause more issues than it solves, which is why the aimy Plus team is dedicated to developing intuitive software that works for you.

It may be a cliché, but our children really are our future. Childcare providers need the support of good systems that allow them to create a learning programme in a fun and safe environment. At aimy Plus, our team of over 50 are driven in our pursuit to create the perfect service, that will save you time and allow you to spend it on the things that matter.

With 120 providers signed up prior to release three years ago, our user-experience designers had access to industry insights on what the true daily challenges faced by childcare providers were. Every feature of our Out of School Care and Child Care Software has been carefully developed to address these common pain points and make your job easier than previously imagined.

Four years later, aimy Plus has been embraced in seven countries (UK, Ireland, Canada, United States, Singapore, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand) and has transformed thousands of businesses like yours.

Our rapid growth has seen our team grow to more than 50+ members, each one bringing a wealth of knowledge that separates us from of our competitors. With 30+ experienced developers and quality assurance experts, we are constantly adding new features that make your business more efficient.

As many of the aimy Plus team are parents, we believe the safety of all kids is paramount. Our service helps you create a safer environment for the children in your care. Wherever you are, having instant paperless access to contact details and medical information, such as allergies or health conditions, will allow you to keep track of individual needs. You no longer have to carry thick folders on every field trip - our software will help you manage any incident and can even send instant notifications to all parents!

We all need to do our part to conserve the planet for our children. You can already eliminate 95% of your paper-waste with aimy Plus, and each new update is designed to get you closer to our goal of 100%!

Dedicated onboarding teams will make your transition effortless, and with free access to phone and email support, any questions are promptly resolved. Our fantastic staff are available 24/7 and take ownership of your business requirements and work alongside our developers to provide solutions and love to pass on your suggestions for future updates. We also have complete instructions and how-to video guides.

Although aimy Plus is made by tech geeks, the user interface is simple enough for all levels. After a free one-hour session with our onboarding team, we will handle the transition from your old systems and teach you how to use the features to run your programme efficiently from day one.

Our After School Care and Child Care Software will transform your lifestyle by removing the stress from running your business. Our software will free your time and give you peace of mind. Rest easy, knowing that your online bookings and invoices are accurate and activities are pre-planned.

Get in touch with our friendly team today and become part of the global aimy Plus family!