5 Fun Food Activities | Activities for OSCAR programmes


5 Fun Food Activities for OSCAR

These tasty educational ideas will nourish young minds and bodies and connect kids with their natural environment in creative ways.


1. Grow a Garden

An OSCAR class garden is the best place to begin teaching kids about food if you have the space, with activities to suit every age and level. Together you'll learn about creating ideal soil conditions, selecting and planting seeds, and optimum growing conditions".

If you lack outdoor space you can still grow seeds indoors—or even challenge yourselves to solve the problem of urbanisation by using the space and resources you've got to grow and harvest the most nourishing and highest yield food. Make a meal to share from the produce, or take it home to provide for the family

2. Learn to Ferment 

Combine food, science and the "ick factor" to intrigue kids and open their minds about food, health and wellbeing. Many fermented foods are fun and easy to make, and provide a hands-on way to learn about keeping an ecosystem healthy—whether it is in a jar, the environment, or the human body. Try out yoghurt, then get more daring with kombucha...who will be brave enough to taste the final product!

3. Sculpt with Sweets 

Make structurally sound buildings and sculptures using toothpicks and mini-marshmallows for a sweet education in engineering! This activity can be as simple or as complex as age and stage allows. Make it competitive to amp up the fun, and award prizes for biggest, most creative, etc. 

4. Give a Gift 

Food makes people feel good, and a yummy treat is a great way to show someone you care about them! Sneak a butterfly snack pack into the school bags of your siblings, or put a hot chocolate kit snowman under Granddad’s Christmas tree

5. Extra for Experts

Keep food fun for kids with allergies with aimy Plus after school club software, which makes keeping track of food allergies (or even just likes and dislikes!) as easy as pie. Your staff can access your after school club software and this important information at any time, so everybody stays safe and in the know.


Inspired to have fun with food?

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