5 Games Kids Will LOVE


5 Games Kids Will LOVE

Keep the fun coming with these five great games to keep kids entertained.


1. Balloon Stomp

Stomp, pop, win! Tie a balloon to each foot, stomp around, and pop all your opponents' balloons before they pop yours using only your feet!

2. The Chocolate Game

A bar of Cadbury, a box of dress-ups and a pair of dice are the ingredients for this old-fashioned game that never goes out of style. Roll a double to dress for chocolate-eating and dig in with a knife and fork...but be in quick, or someone else will roll a double and take your place! Up the ante by making it a team sport—can you eat your last square before the competition?

3. Paper-bag skits

Divide the kids into groups and give each group a bag filled with identical props, such as a spoon, toy jewelry, a sock, ball and ribbon. Give them 15-30 minutes to construct a skit around the props, then perform it for the whole group. A great one for large groups, this is so much fun it can be competitive, with a vote to award the best skit of the day, or just a creative good time.

4. Flinch

Select a flinch master and let the flinching begin! The flinch master stands in the middle and throws—or fakes—a pass to each person in the circle...if you flinch at a fake, you're out!

5. The Best Game

Discover the weird talents you never knew you had! Groups choose ambassadors to compete in a range of random contest rounds, from tallest thumb to fastest paper-cup stacker. An inclusive game where the skill to thrill could be hiding in the least-likely person.

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