5 habits of an organised mind that will keep you on top of your out of school care programme


Adopt healthy habits and after school care software to make running your childcare programme a breeze!

All successful people and businesses constantly look for better ways to save, use and manage time.  Out of school care software will save you a lot, but a few simple habits can boost our relationships, productivity, and personal well-being. 


1. Declutter and prioritise

Listing and sorting daily tasks each morning can greatly reduce the clutter in our minds.  No longer worrying about routine tasks clears your head to focus on what you should; your longer-term goals and connecting with the kids.

2. Don't hesitate to delegate

Use your staff. The better planned you are, the easier it is to communicate clearly what you want done and to specify a realistic timeframe. Remember to reward work well done (including your own)! 

3. Goals

Setting goals gives you a direction and motivates you to get out of bed on cold mornings.  A clear direction will help you cut out distractions and fight off procrastination.  

4. Tools

Utilise the resources at your disposal!  While robots may never fully replace us, progressive businesses have been automating or outsourcing many of their processes for years.  The aimy Plus after school care software can propel you up with industry leaders  so you no longer have to do most essential admin tasks. 

5. Work smart, not hard

Don’t just dive into that task you’re starting!  Take time before you begin to identify what is important and consider more efficient methods.  Challenge yourself regularly to discover more efficient ways to do routine activities.



Life’s too short to waste time without the best after school care software.

Everyone, including your staff and clients, knows if a business is well run.  Exude an easy competency with aimy Plus software that will reassure parents you are the best person to trust with their little miracle. Contact Us Today

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