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5 Social Media Tips for your After School Care Programme 

Social media can be a great After School Care support tool. Here are our tips to make it work better for your After School Care programme


1. Get a Game Plan

Social media while often fun! can easily become yet another item on your After School Care support to-do list...several times per week. Like any other business tool, make sure you know what you are trying to achieve so the time investment pays off. Promotion? Connecting with kids? Keeping parents in touch? You may have several goals (and several platforms) but check that every time you post, it’s for a tangible reason that benefits your After School Care programme. 

2. Seek Permission

Not every parent is comfortable with having photos of their child on social media, and as children get older many of them may not be happy about it either (especially if they are teenagers and you've gone #nofilter!) If you don't already, explain your social media policy in your registration process, and include a tick box where families can opt in or out.

3. Customise for your Community

Get creative with how you use your chosen platforms to speak to and engage different audiences. You might have a public Facebook page for marketing, a private Facebook group for parent discussions and a shared Instagram account for students. Students could take turns writing your After School Care programme blog, or you could feature 'star' schoolwork there instead. Sign up for a YouTube account to share original video content with families...and the world. 

4. Always Add Value

Whatever your After School Care support goal, if you are not adding value to the people who follow you, they will stop. Whenever you post, put yourself in the shoes of your audience and ask "What's In It For Me" (WIIFM)? It can be as small as making people smile, as large as making (and proving) promises, or as everyday as regularly reassuring parents that their kids are safe and having fun. Side note—research says social media users love photos and video, so use these as often as you can.

5. Continue the Conversation

Social media is a conversation, and remembering this will keep your online community thriving. Invite—and be ready for—feedback! Assume an inclusive tone, ask questions, seek input and advice, and openly share your passion for your After School Care programme to create an ongoing conversation that will engage and support your community and your vision.


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