5 Time Management Tips

5 Time Management Tips


As afterschool programme leader, you have a lot on your plate. From large projects to smaller administrative tasks,
you’re responsible for providing a safe, nurturing and well-supervised programme for students day after day. 


That’s why it’s important to prioritize your day and build a schedule that’s both realistic and manageable.
It’s easy to skip these steps and instead wing it. But the key to having efficient,
productive and relatively stress-free days is learning how to effectively do
time management


In your role, you can count on having an extensive to-do list on any given day.
Here are 5 tips to help you effectively manage your time and feel accomplished at the end of the day:


Plan ahead. 

Don’t jump into the day without a clear idea of what needs to be done.
Take 15 minutes the day before or at the start of the day to plan your tasks and activities.
This helps you set priorities and start your day on a productive note.


Complete most important tasks first. 

The first hour of work is usually the most productive. Use that time wisely by scheduling an uninterrupted “power hour”.
Tackle big projects and tasks, like creating fun, engaging activities for your programme or building a marketing plan to recruit more students. Handle smaller, administrative tasks, like answering emails and creating reports, afterwards.


Avoid procrastination. 

It may be easy to avoid completing a task until the very last minute. And it may even work for you.
But getting an early start on a task reduces stress and improves the quality of your work.
It’s also a way to ensure that your schedule stays intact rather than using an entire day to complete a task before it’s due.


Establish systems and processes. 

Your role as programme leader involves many routine tasks, like creating reports or completing supply order requests.
The key is to build a step-by-step process for completing these tasks. Write it down, follow it each time and you will become
more efficient at completing it over time. And efficiency leads to productivity!


Keep your systems organized. 

Being organized saves you a lot of time and energy. Take time to organize your file systems, email, reports, programme materials, etc. Not only does it help you find items quicker. It also reduces stress and eliminates clutter.


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