After School Care Software | How to Support Your Staff

After School Care Software | How to Support Your Staff

Educators work hard to make sure their students are cared for. However, you need to help look after your team of staff too. Satisfied employees are more productive and efficient – and according to Richard Branson, they’re the ones making the magic happen. The better you care for your team, the more engaged and supportive they can be for their students.

Try these five tips to make sure your staff stay motivated 


1. Address stress.

Check the workloads of your team members. Schedule in breaks for them, encourage a work-life balance,
and ease the pressure of their workload by automating a lot of it with aimy Plus after school care software. 

2. Encourage a friendly environment.

The way you treat your staff will set the precedent for them interacting with other colleagues – and their students! 
Encourage staff to build a team culture by giving them sometime at work to build relationships with each other. 

3. Improve eating habits.

Healthy food helps improve energy and mood and helps to combat heart conditions. While you shouldn’t tell them what to eat, encouraging your staff to eat healthily sets a good example for students as well as benefiting staff. You may want to provide a bowl of fresh fruit for your team to help themselves. 

4. Discourage perfection.

Many people expect perfection of themselves, which can quickly become overwhelming. Support your staff to do the best they can, but don’t place unrealistic standards on them – this contributes to stress and they will burn out quickly. 

5. Reward them!

Your team work hard to give the kids the best education they can. Acknowledge their successes by thanking them privately or by sharing the achievement with the team.  

Keep your staff motivated and engaged by encouraging a healthy workplace.
Reduce organisational stress with aimy Plus after school care software.  


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