After School Programmes that work



After School Programmes that work

After school programmes should provide activities that are fun and that capture the interest of students.
Since they will be tired at the end of their school day, kids will need activities that are compelling but not too strenuous.

Make sure to incorporate hands-on activities with your lesson plans to keep the students involved.
Some after-school lesson plans can include engaging in physical activities or with technology, working with art supplies,
or using measurement tools for cooking.



Hula-Hoop Exercise

After School Programs with exercises like this teaches the child how to work with a partner to accomplish a goal. The first portion of the exercise will test how accurately one person can throw a disc to his/her partner who is standing in the hula hoop.

The object of the game is to have the thrower stand behind a line while throwing the disc to the catcher who is 20 paces away and standing inside of the hula hoop. The catcher must have one foot in the hula hoop when the disc is caught in order for the catch to count. If the disc is caught, the catcher has to throw it back to the thrower and then immediately run to the second hoop, which is now 40 paces away from the thrower's line. For each disc caught, the thrower must add another 20 paces away from the hula hoop behind the line.



Disc Golf

Disc golf is another great after school programmes activity that involves partners, a hula hoop and a disc.

To begin, ask a student to throw the hula hoop to an open area as far as he/she can for his first disc golf hole. Players take turns throwing the disc into the hula hoop with their partner. Once the disc makes it completely into the hula hoop, the student will throw the hula hoop again from the current position for his second hole. This exercise teaches students golf terminology: hole in one, eagle, birdie, par, bogey and double bogey.



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