Bad Day Busters for OSCAR Bosses

Bad days are inevitable in business and in life, but no busy under-resourced OSCAR operator has time for that! Here are our favourite ways to flip the script and stay on track.


Take a time-out.

It's a go-to strategy with kids, and should be for adults too! If you have great staff, take some real time away...a whole day or afternoon to do what you need to do to recalibrate. If you really have to stay 'on', you can always find ten minutes to step away, breathe deeply, have a cup of tea, or practice your golf swing.



It's a cliché for a reason. Your body and mind run on oxygen, and stress prevents you from using it. Learn to breathe well, then teach yourself to do it as your first response to stress. Focusing on your breath will interrupt your mind-maelstrom and bring calm attention to what is truly important in the moment. 


Phone a friend.

Venting is a valid and time-honoured business strategy. Sometimes you need to pour everything that is going wrong out of your mind before you can set it all right again. Emotional support is vital, so call a kind friend who is on your side when the world is against you.


Use your words.

Yes and no are the two most powerful words at your disposal to cut through the confusion and change your day. If you are over-committed, say no to everything else until you have capacity again. Say no internally to tasks that can easily wait until tomorrow. Say no to people who want your help. Say yes to any help that is offered. Asking for help is also highly recommended!


Sleep more.

If you've had a few bad days in a row, check how much you're sleeping—and then no matter who you are, get more. If you're permanently running without properly recharging, the world is always going to be a lot less friendly. Stop beating yourself up about productive hours, and make sure you're looking after your body so it can perform it's best when you are awake instead.


Do a SWOT.

If you're really overwhelmed and need some perspective to move forward, do a quick SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis. Starting with strengths will remind you what you're great at, and writing everything down will help you feel more in control and able to manage your challenges. Bad days—or bad weeks—have a way of making everything seem futile, and a SWOT will pinpoint whether or not there is a problem, where it is, and how to solve it. 


Ready to banish bad days in your admin?

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