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Become a Health & Safety Hero

Prioritise Health & Safety like a pro with aimy Plus after school childcare software..


Hassle-free Health & Safety sounds like an oxymoron but the new legislation isn't so difficult to implement, once you have a few good systems, processes and resources in place.

The Health and Safety at Work Act came into effect on 4 April 2016, bringing several law changes to help you prioritise the health and safety of staff, kids, parents and other visitors to your programme premises.  

Here are some easy ways to upgrade your practices and keep Health & Safety paramount: 

Check out Safekids Aotearoa for lots of easy-to-absorb fact sheets, checklists and suggestions to prevent all of the most common childhood injuries.If you're baking, skating, crafting or travelling regularly, this website will help you clearly identify and minimise the risks.

Join OSCN. The Out of School Care Network (OSCN) provides members with Health & Safety self-assessments, information and training, including comprehensive guides on Water Safety and Transportation.

Resource staff to support wellbeing. Click to find resources for every aspect of wellbeing at work, targeted to meet the needs of education and childcare employees.

Review best practice policies and procedures , including checklists and examples to help you tick off all your legal responsibilities.

Minimise your admin. While it can be useful to keep records of your H&S efforts, the law does not require you to. Focus on simple, easy-to-implement practices that deliver practical results—and only keep records where they serve that purpose. 


Follow the simple four-step process



Do your admin practices support great Health and Safety?

aimy Plus after school childcare software can help keep your Health & Safety on track with real-time data and centralised information all staff can access, anytime. To find out more about how after school childcare software can make your programme easier and safer than ever. Contact Us Today.

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