Creative Crafts | 5 fun activities for afterschool programmes


Click on any of the titles to see how to make these crafts! 

1. Origami 'Eyes'

Making and owning your own blinking origami crazy eye is much, much more fun than it should be! Kids will love the opportunity to bring their own creative flourish to their eye and be inspired by the individuality of others. Then it's time to put on the eye and make funny faces!

2. Paper Polyhedron

Turn ten pieces of coloured card into a sculpted ball of awesome! Like all the best OSCAR activities, this craft looks more complicated than it is...all the better to impress others with our cleverness! A great individual project for older kids or team project for mixed groups, the paper polyhedron improves spatial and conceptual thinking while being a ton of fun to create.

3. Creative Constellations

What could be more fun that bringing the starry sky to life in your own room at night! Draw out some of the major constellations for kids to identify and copy; or even encourage them to invent (and name!) a few new ones of their own.

4. Piñata Party Cookies

Looking for edible OSCAR activities? Kids love baking—and eating—sweet treats, and the process for this cookie project is as entertaining as the surprise inside. Easily themed or personalised, try out bunnies for Easter, angels or stars for Christmas, favourite animals...or even Batman. Save some to take home to the family for dessert, but shhh...don't tell what's hidden inside, or how it got there!

5. Marvellous Mandalas

This is an ideal nature craft if you want to involve your kids of all ages in the same activity at once. Everybody can work collaboratively on one huge mandala, or you could split the group into teams to add some competitive spirit! Provide a brief explanation of the history of mandalas and issue instructions, letting the kids organise how they will plan the design, collect the needed items and lay them in place. Turn it into a fun rainy day activity by clearing some floor space and getting creative with manmade objects found inside.

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