Fun School Holiday Ideas



Fun School Holiday Ideas

School’s out… Now what? Running an out of school programme during school holidays can be exhausting – especially if you don’t have fresh school holiday ideas. Have a look at a few great ideas of activities you can do with the children during the school holidays. Boys and girls alike will enjoy the wide range of holiday activities – both indoor and outdoor.


Let children have the opportunity to have fun and to be the best that they can be. Get them involved in a programme that promotes tolerance and respect and provides environments that foster social inclusion and citizenship. Use a school holiday program to teach children sport skills, discipline and leadership to help improve their confidence and self-esteem. Here are some great school holiday ideas. 




In an effort to introduce the children to the larger community and the experiences it has to offer – organise excursions during the school holidays. This can be planned well in advance. It is usually carried out in year groups, and depending on the experience, excursions may involve bus trips and the purchasing of tickets to venues, which could attract an additional fee. Don’t forget the details of excursions like date, time, venue and cost prior to the outing. Also remember to only take children on excursions once parental consent has been given and the cost of the excursion has been paid.



Multicultural Cooking Experiences

All children love to try out new things. And most children love to make food. Start a weekly cooking experience that involves the children, so they learn not only life skills but all sorts of things, including: Creativity, how things change and self-confidence. They will also develop their small motor control when using cooking tools, such as shredders, graters and grinders. While trying out ‘new’ food, they will also learn more about other cultures. Measuring the food and quantities will give them a great understanding of mathematical concepts. Finally, they will learn an appreciation for doing things step by step. Maybe even some patience, while waiting for that cake to rise!



Arts, Craft & Construction

One of the most exciting school holiday ideas, is running a daily art, crafts & construction programme that expose children to a variety of techniques and ideas from around the world. In addition to these instructed sessions, children have the opportunity for self-directed creative play and to partake in long-term projects where they can explore ideas, concepts and media themselves creatively. Want to learn more about after school childcare software? 


It doesn't matter where you are, these great aimy Plus school holiday ideas can be done in
England, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, or Ireland.

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