How Aimy Plus can help grow your business

Aimy Plus is a revolutionary new management system than allows you complete control over your event or group. It not only helps you run your business, but it also helps you grow your business! Aimy has been designed with some powerful marketing tools to maximise the amount of parents booking into your programme.


Email Messaging

We have had rave reviews of our Bulk Email Messaging tool, which allows you to contact parents and staff. This has been particularly helpful in notifying parents of programmes and allowing them to book much earlier. This also includes the ability to export a filtered contact list, to allow you to export this into another email client if need be.


Photo Uploading & Tagging

There’s nothing parents love more than seeing their own children. That’s why staff can upload photos taken on site and tag children into these photos. A parent will see all of their children’s photos on the Parent Dashboard. We want to give parents incentive to login to Aimy and consequently view those outstanding payments you’ve been following up.


Achievement Tracking

This feature will allow you to keep track of which achievements each child has been awarded. Included in this will be the ability to record a child’s rank or level of advancement. Parents will be able to see all their child’s achievements in a Trophy Case on their Parent Portal. Just another way to get parents involved!


Aimy Plus is changing the game when it comes to management systems, especially those involving children. Get onboard today and try Aimy out for yourself. If your after school care group is under 20 children, the basic plan for Aimy Plus is free. Call us today and we’ll get the ball rolling on Aimy Plus and start making your life easier.