How Aimy Plus can help with after school care

If you run an after school care program, whether it be a Church organisation, sports club, or a summer scheme, Aimy Plus can make your life a whole lot easier.

What Aimy Plus does

Aimy Plus takes the logistics, bookkeeping and financial tracking of after school care and puts it all in one convenient, simple to use software package. View a wide array of details including contact details, login details, allergy information, and much more. These details can be viewed and updated by any staff that has been given these permissions.

How Aimy Plus can help staff

It simply makes life easier for the staff. Rosters and timetables can not only be checked immediately, but updated in real time and shared with everyone else. This allows staff to keep on top of any unexpected changes, such as a cancellation or another staff member calling in sick. Staff members can log in and out, show exactly how long they’ve worked and what they’re due to be paid. Each staff member also has a profile, including contact details, police clearance and first aid certification.

How Aimy Plus can help parents

Peace of mind for one thing. Every child is accounted for from drop off to pick up. And not only that, but it makes bookings and payment a lot easier too. Parents can view their current bookings and make new bookings directly from their Parent Portal. This allows parents to do the work of registering children. A parent can easily view these bookings and check any outstanding payments that they are required to make. Payment by credit card allows parents to pay quickly and easily.

How much does Aimy Plus cost?

Here’s the amazing thing: the basic plan for Aimy Plus is free. If your after school care group is under 20 children, then call us today and we’ll get the ball rolling on Aimy Plus and start making your life easier.