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How Out of School Care Software Helps People Like You

aimy Plus ticks all the right boxes for your outside of school care software. Our happy operators share their favourite benefits below.





Saves time, money and frustration

"No more data entry! This out of school care software has saved me almost half of my administration hours. It has freed the team up to concentrate on what matters most, customer services and running great programmes for children. The list goes on and on. 

aimy Plus is way above the competition, trust me I did my homework. You will not be disappointed!"


Jeremy Botting - Dunedin


Increases accuracy & professionalism

"Thanks for the wonderful gift of TIME! Parents are wowed by aimy Plus out of school care software and we can access it anywhere!

aimy Plus helps us built credibility with our parent customers. It's easy to use, promotes transparency and conveys professionalism. It's a great tool onsite where staff can access information quickly, at a glance and can be accessed and monitored from anywhere with internet.

Having out of school care software at the back office has reduced paperwork and storage space which is great for the environment and I have claimed my desk back! There is no data entry (i.e. no human error), and no working overtime in the weekends (i.e. freedom!)"


JP Tay - Devonport / Grey Lynn





Simplifies systems

"Easy to set up, easy to train staff to use, and easy for parents to use and understand.  changer successful afterschool programs can adopt.

aimy Plus outside of school care software ensures our customers (kids) are kept safe, ensures invoicing is accurate and correct, saves time and saves us money.

We continue to see the product develop to meet changes in the market."


Simon Barnes - sKids Consultant Finance Manager





Gives you back your free time

"The aimy Plus out of school care software system has saved me at least 10 hours a week. To give a little perspective, that's more than 490 hours annually, or $12,000 savings in salary.

It also gives me more work/life balance; I'm now able to hike again three mornings a week, instead of spending all that time on admin."


Ana Ross - Parua Bay



Ready to benefit from out of school care software?

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