International childcare trends


International childcare trends

From innovative after school club software to involving the grandparents and delivering diversity, here's the latest and greatest in global childcare solutions.


Grandma and Grandpa are getting involved

With many people starting families later in life and baby boomers getting older, the hard working ‘sandwich generation’ are finding themselves simultaneously responsible for both young children and aging parents. Enter intergenerational childcare, a 'sandwich solution' that pragmatically brings the young and the old together under one roof to create not just convenience, but rich social benefits for children, seniors and communities.

'Third culture' communities are thriving

Diversity is moving from buzzword to baseline across the board as inclusive, multi-cultural attitudes and initiatives that value everyone are being whole-heartedly embraced. Alongside this, a need for 'cultureless culture' has emerged, as many children now grow up as global citizens with a foot in two or more cultures. These 'third culture kids' can feel they don't truly belong anywhere, but childcare organisations like Zein are forging the future of diversity by making a culture out of third culture to support an internationally mobile world.

Connection is driving expectation

As technology continues to drive global culture forward, expect big things from providers of after school club software as they compete to connect providers with families and create efficiencies. Keep your eyes out for after school club software and apps that offer parents the reassurance of live stream video, up-to-the-minute updates, and digital engagement and extension opportunities for kids.

Child friendly co-workspaces make sense

Select a flinch master and let the flinching begin! The flinch master stands in the middle and throws—or fakes—a pass to each person in the circle...if you flinch at a fake, you're out!


Is your after school club on track with global trends?

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