Introduce children to new cultures


5 cultural activities you can plan in your after school care software!

Modern travel has made the world a smaller place and our societies are now richly diverse, making it important that children appreciate many different cultures. After school care programme coordinators and preschool teachers are instrumental in introducing kids to new experiences, this is why so many use out of school care software to plan activities that are fun and educational.

Some fun activities to introduce new cultures to children might include:


1. Explore the basics of new languages

Early exposure to a variety of languages can build children’s curiosity to learn the dialects of others. You don’t have to speak the language fluently to teach it; encouraging children to greet people and count in another tongue is a great start. 

2. Share cultural food

Sharing food is an important part of many cultures. Bringing snacks from different countries encourages children to try new things and understand that not everyone lives the same way they do. This is also a good time to teach them food-centred customs in the culture that the food originates from. 

3. Celebrate traditional festivals

Research festivals from different cultures and choose a few to celebrate throughout the year. This might include helping children make art centred around the festival, encouraging appropriate dress-up, or telling stories about the history of the festival. Choosing festivals from a variety of cultures, such as Diwali, Dia de los Muertos, and Chinese New Year, will expose children to many different traditions.

4. Dance/sing to traditional music

Children are drawn to music and most enjoy dancing or singing along. Play some traditional music and teach the children some culturally-appropriate dances and a simple song. 

5. Invite people from different cultures 

Have your students’ parents come in and share their culture’s traditions. This makes the concept of culture more relevant, since it directly involves children’s classmates and friends. 



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