Is after school care software worth the cost? | 5 benefits of after school childcare software


Is after school care software worth the cost?

Wondering if investing in after school childcare software is right for your OSCAR programme? Here are 5 benefits you might be missing out on.


Benefit 1: It's cost-effective

Cloud-based after school care software is Software as a Service (SaaS), which means you pay to access the functionality online, rather than purchasing expensive licences to install and run separate applications on your own computers. This cuts the cost, ensures you're always accessing the latest version, and eliminates the need for onsite support and additional hardware.

Benefit 2: It's more convenient

Paperless and accessible from any device, you can run your programme with nothing more than the phone that is already in your pocket! Your whole team can update your after school childcare software on the go, and parents can register and pay online so it's easier for them too. You'll also have access to reporting that will streamline your programme and create even more efficiencies.

Benefit 3: It's always secure

Your after school care software is accessed through a secure internet connection, with regular free upgrades to ensure security is always up to date along with the latest software features. Having all your information in the cloud means your data is safe, even in the event of a natural disaster.

Benefit 4: It's got your back

Automatic backup is an important part of your after school care software package. Instead of having to remember to back up your data regularly and store it off site, your after school childcare software will do this for you and have the most recent copy immediately available in case of a system crash or other incident.

Benefit 5: It's all automated

With after school childcare software, all of your regular systems and processes happen on time and error-free, without you doing a thing! Automated billing, attendance tracking, and integration with Xero are just some of the ways after school care software will save you time, money and stress.

Is after school care software the solution you've been seeking?

Find out more about the benefits of aimy Plus after school childcare software today! We help clients in Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, South Africa and across the globe so their after school care programs run without a hitch. For a no obligation-free chat about how we can help, Contact Us Today.

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