Kiwi culture for OSCAR | Curriculum for afterschool programs


Kiwi culture for your OSCAR programme  

 Add some extra Kiwi flavour to your curriculum for afterschool programs with these engaging ways to explore New Zealand's cultural heritage.


1. Speak Te Reo Maori   

Create an OSCAR programme culture that encourages the use and correct pronunciation of Te Reo. As part of your curriculum for afterschool programs, use Te Reo for all your greetings, counting, colours and other common words used daily. 

Introduce Maori concepts like korero (conversation, discussion), kaupapa (principle, policy) and tikanga (custom) and use them to both educate children about Maori approaches, and in place of using the English words. E.g. Instead of "Let's talk", you can say "Let's korero".

Ready to take your language skills to the next level? Check out the rap video Wellington student Michael Johnston made teaching us how to pronounce Maori place names, and invent your own rap songs or other creative ways to share how to get Te Reo right! 


2. Discover Extinct Species 

New Zealand boasts some exciting extinct species, including the largest eagle ever to have existed, the Haast's eagle—a real life giant raptor who preyed on the even-mightier moa! 

Research into these ancient animals is a fresh way to bring history, geography and conservation to life in your OSCAR programme. What was New Zealand like with giant birds roaming the land, and what happened to them? What unique ecological factors led to the domination of bird species in New Zealand? How can we protect our birdlife and their habitat into the future?


3. Enjoy Te Ao Kori (Maori Movement)  

Celebrate life through movement by learning about and adopting te ao kori (the world of movement) into your curriculum for afterschool programs. This holistic approach includes storytelling, games, dance and song wrapped around Maori culture and natural rhythms, making it much more inclusive than the traditional sports-centric approach to physical activity.

Historically used by Maori to sharpen mental and physical agility and support wellbeing, te ao kori develops skills, identity and community, while providing stimulation, challenge, reflection and rejuvenation.    

Get started with the free resources on the Ministry of Education's bilingual language portal Te Kete Ipurangi (the online knowledge basket).


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