Marketing 101 | Help your OSCAR programme get known as the best after school programme.

9 simple steps to spread the word about your OSCAR programme and become a success.

Marketing doesn't have to be overwhelming.
Most after school classes have a built-in school community 
just waiting to hear all about you. Here's where to start.



1. Assess your offer.

Marketing is more than just promotion; it begins with your OSCAR programme offer
and ends in parent satisfaction. Get specific and create something worth talking about.
Describe the niche you fill, the extras you add, and the conveniences you offer.
Let your passion for your programme shine so it's an easy "yes" when parents compare
you to their other options.


2. Make friends with schools. 

School receptionists talk to everybody and are often asked for recommendations on the best afterschool
s and advice, so get to know those smiles behind the front desk! Drop off flyers,
advertise in the school newsletter, and set up a stall at the school gala. 


3. Engage kids.

Give a fun introduction at assembly or pay a short visit to classrooms and get kids excited.
Don't forget the flyer to take home to Mum and Dad!


4. Build a contact list.

Get email addresses whenever you can. Leave an interest sign up form at the school front desk,
have a newsletter sign up form on your website, and research and add relevant community groups and businesses.
Gather a group who want to hear what you've got to share.


5. Pick a platform.

You don't have to turn into a social media butterfly to get the benefits of digital marketing.
Are you a keen iPhone photographer? Instagram your programme adventures. Is Facebook your friend?
Set up a group page for parents. Like writing? Start a free blog and share your tips and tricks.
Most online content can be shared across platforms, so just pick one and go for it!


6. Be shareable.

Sharing works offline too. Offer your families a discount or special bonus if they bring another family along.
Challenge yourself to come up with the
best afterschool program ideas
 kids rave about and parents can't help but recommend.


7. Poll parents.

Survey your contact list using a free online service like SurveyMonkey. Asking for feedback
lets parents know you care, improves your
OSCAR programme and provides
a genuine reason to stay in touch. 


8. Ask for help.

Directly and regularly ask your families, email subscribers and other advocates to
share you with others. It's simple, but it works! 


9. Always deliver.

Follow through on every marketing promise you make, and don't forget the people who
already love you in your quest to win over the rest. Happy kids and caregivers will
return the most invaluable marketing you'll ever have—word of mouth.



Everyone, including your staff and clients, knows if a business is well run.
Exude an easy competency with aimy Plus software that will reassure parents you
are the best person to trust with their little miracle. 

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