Organising groups is easy with Aimy Plus

Organising groups can be a nightmare, especially when it involves children. Everything from simple logistics like times and places, through to serious issues like allergies and medicine, is made even more challenging by kids running around screaming.

Thankfully, Aimy Plus is here to make it all much, much easier.

Aimy allow you to keep track of everyting and everyone, from payments to phone numbers. With Aimy’s Child and Parent Management, you can keep track of all the details surrounding children and parents. View a wide array of details including contact details, login details, allergy information, and much more. These details can be viewed and updated by any staff that has been given these permissions, making it easy for everyone to keep up-to-date with changes, including parents.

It’s even easier for staff members when it comes to organising groups with Aimy Plus. Using Aimy’s Staff Managementfeature, you can keep track of all your staff members and all the details linked to their individual profiles. This includes contact details, Police clearance and First Aid certification. Staff permissions are completely customisable - this gives you flexibility to give staff access to exactly what they need and nothing more.

Of course, they are going to need access to the roster and timesheets, but don’t worry, Aimy has that covered too. The Roster function allows you to create rosters and have your staff check these. Once staff Sign In and Out onsite, this data pulls through to the timesheet for you to see exactly how long your staff members worked and how much they should be paid accordingly. Never miss a beat or a paycheck with Aimy’s incredible software!

So when it comes to organising groups, put the pen and paper down and pick up Aimy Plus. You won’t believe how much time and stress you’ll save yourself!