Out of School Care Software | 5 Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids


5 Christmas craft activities you can plan using out of school care software 

With the Christmas season sneaking up on us again, it’s fun for teachers and children alike to get involved. Craft activities are a great way to do this - they are fun, they are important for kids’ development, and they can be tailored to suit the season, especially Christmas! Out of school care software makes it much easier for after school care programme coordinators and preschool teachers to plan craft sessions that are educational, fun, and seasonal.


Some easy Christmas craft activities include:   

1. Christmas tree decorations

For younger kids, print Christmas-themed pictures to colour, and then attach some string for the child to hang it from their Christmas tree. Older children might prefer creating stars out of toilet rolls, decorating plain baubles with their own designs, or painting pinecones to decorate a tree.

2. Christmas wreaths

Younger children will enjoy creating a fingerprint wreath; let them create a green wreath made from painted fingerprints and then add red dots of holly. Older kids might create a wreath by cutting out red and green handprints, or by twining yarn or tissue paper around a paper plate. 

3. Christmas cards

Help children decorate some folded card with Christmas themes such as thumbprint-reindeer, painted snowmen, or potato-stamped Christmas trees. These make great keepsakes and gifts for family members. 

4. Advent calendars

Create advent calendars for kids to put small chocolates, toys or stickers in. Older children might like to get creative by making advent calendar boxes or envelopes. Younger children might prefer making a calendar out of toilet paper rolls.

5. Christmas trees

Help children craft Christmas trees out of materials like iceblock sticks, pinecones, or coloured paper. Use these to decorate the classroom or send them home for the child to keep.



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