Out of School Care Software | Encouraging Healthy Eating

Kids who eat healthy food are more likely to perform better academically and behave better. You can help kids make healthy choices with their food by teaching them that healthy food is exciting and fun – and just as tasty as junk food.

aimy Plus out of school care software provides you with a list of allergies for each child for their safety and yours.


How to help children make good food choices:


Get them involved.

The more that kids are involved in creating their own food, the more likely they are to eat it. Have a day where you help your students make afternoon snacks. Provide some pre-cut fruit, vegetables, and dips, and let them mix their own flavours and try different foods together.


Be a role model.

Kids learn by example. Sit down and eat with them. Let them see what you’ve brought to eat – and make sure you’ve chosen the healthy option!


Play with food. 

We’ve always been taught not to play with our food, but kids are drawn to play – and playing with food is fun simply because it’s ‘forbidden’! Let kids thread their food onto toothpicks (or popsicle sticks for younger children), or encourage them to shape their food into faces. 


Expose them to healthy foods.

The more familiar they are with a vegetable, the more likely they are to try it. Read books about vegetables, paint pictures of food with faces and names, or simply put it on their plates and let them play with it. 


Allow treats. 

Don’t let food become forbidden. Banned food is far more appealing and kids will sneak it as often as they can. Instead, allow junk food occasionally – but offer it alongside healthier food.


Help your students make better food choices by making healthy food a regular part of their care with the help of aimy Plus out of school care software.

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