Personality Power | Support every child on your OSCAR programme


Personality power

How to identify and support individual strengths and challenges so your OSCAR programme kids can shine. 


No two kids are the same, and this can make planning activities for afterschool programmes next to impossible. You want your OSCAR programme to support every child, but how, when they are all so different?

Personality is a complex subject, but this simplified model sorts kids into one of four primary outlooks: DO-ers, who are driven to act and achieve, SEE-ers who search formeaning and substance, ASK-ers, who probe to identify and authenticate, and BE-ers, who observe, explore and experience.

All kids can and do access all four ways of being in the world but each will have an obvious first preference. Accepting and appreciating the strengths and weaknesses of this primary preference for each child is one of the best ways to nurture self esteem, self confidence and authentic self expression, not to mention make sure everybody is enjoying themselves on your OSCAR programme!

Keep this cheat-sheet for personality types in children on hand to connect with your whole group during all your activities for afterschool programmes.



Performance oriented, DO kids actively follow instructions, take control of themselves and others, and often display extraverted leadership potential. They usually love group activities, and will often 'match' their performance against others even when doing solitary tasks. They are your OSCAR programme helpers that involve themselves and rally others, sometimes to the point of being a bit bossy or overbearing. It's important to value and support their confidence as they learn how to balance their ambitions with their personal relationships.

DO kids require you to provide clarity around structure and rules, and enforce them for everybody. They respond well to and like hierarchy, especially where they can measure and improve their performance.

Make sure your OSCAR programme enables your DO kids to:

  • Learn new things
  • Work as a team
  • Achieve goals
  • Recognise excellence



ASK kids are often a bit dreamy, or the "still waters run deep" type. They tend to be introverted and will disengage if their personal interests and values are not taken into account....which can be difficult when they are not very forthcoming with what they are!

They like to explore information and skills in depth, and for their unique and individual approaches to be respected and appreciated. They often (but not always out loud) pose profound questions, or will probe into the background of a subject or activity before being able to proceed. When engaged they are incredibly focused and will not like being disrupted.

Make sure your OSCAR programme enables your ASK kids to:

  • Investigate deeply
  • Express individuality
  • Expand understanding
  • Master skills



Expressive is the best word to describe BE kids. They are enthusiastic, engaged—and often dancing to the beat of their own drum! They tend not to mind if they are seen as unusual or unpopular, though they are usually well-liked because others find them charismatic.

BE kids can't help but give feedback to those around them, whether emotional or verbal. They're not as interested in achievement as they are in enjoying and exploring themselves, each other, the moment, and the world. Can be highly distracted and distracting, as they will "make their own fun" if not interested in what's happening in the group.

Make sure your OSCAR programme enables your BE kids to:

  • Share stories
  • Create camaraderie
  • Express openly
  • Explore freely



SEE kids are masters of disguise, and will often be mistaken for one of the other types. They know what is needed in a group or situation, and will express what best fits their interpretation of what is required of them. They are pragmatic and efficient outwardly, but internally emotionally complex and can feel easily alienated from others.

Deeply creative, SEE kids are the ones who will surprise you out of nowhere with an incredibly insightful theory or meticulously executed artwork. They are perfectionists who can become greatly disappointed in themselves when they fail to achieve what they envision is possible. SEE kids can take time to open up and often trust only those who prove they can really understand them.

Make sure your OSCAR programme enables your SEE kids to:

  • Discover meaning
  • Play a genuine individual role
  • Recognise competence
  • Retreat and reflect


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