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Resources for OSCAR Programme Professionals


Books, courses and networking opportunities to help you and your OSCAR staff deliver the best afterschool program in your area.


Teach Like a PIRATE: Increase Student Engagement, Boost Your Creativity, and Transform Your Life as an Educator Create an explosion.

By Dave Burgess

Want to be the best afterschool program but lacking fresh inspiration? Pick up this book! You'll rediscover your passion, gain encouragement and inspiration by the boatload, and learn practical techniques that include over 30 "hooks" designed to captivate a class and 170 brainstorming questions to skyrocket your creativitye.

The Third Teacher.

By O'Donnell Wicklund Pigozzi and Peterson, Bruce Mau

With a format obviously informed by the philosophy it teaches, The Third Teacher is an eye-opening exploration into the critical link between learning environments and how children learn. Offering 79 real-life design ideas, it will help you create spaces for creativity and maximise the way you use your OSCAR programme environment as an essential element of learning. .

People Types and Tiger Stripes.

By Gordon Lawrence

This book is indispensible when it comes to understanding and valuing individuality and learning style differences as a teacher. Based on Carl Jung's psychological types, you'll learn how to support the strengths and challenges of every child—and your OSCAR staff—with insightful, practical exercises and examples.  


Core Education

CORE can provide customised workshops in transformational education to support your teambuilding and capability, but even better, they offer monthly breakfast  seminars around the country where you can delve into topics relevant to your OSCAR programme while networking with like minds. Live outside a main centre? Register for a live-stream breakfast workshop instead.

Cognition Education

Check out Cognition Education's workshop calendar for professional development opportunities aligned to your interests, or build capability in your OSCAR staff with team workshops on innovation, technology and culture in a future-focused educational environment.

Inclusive Education

Developed by the New Zealand Ministry of Education, Inclusive Education is part of a Government strategy to spread and support inclusive practices. The website is a wealth of free and helpful information in the form of a series of video guides on everything from community building to technology, leadership and more.



Hamilton—11-13 October 2017

Connect, collaborate and innovate at New Zealand's premier conference for educators. Register for one to three days of cutting edge professional development via keynote speakers, spotlight sessions, and workshops, and take the team along for a group discount and the added value of keeping the conversation and momentum alive back in your OSCAR programme. 

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