Running Your OSCAR Centre Like a Boss | 4 Key Areas to Improve software


Running Your OSCAR Centre Like a Boss

Four key ways to work smarter, not harder, in your OSCAR business.


1. Put yourself first

Whether or not you love the limelight, when you're running the show you are a leader, and it is your personal vision, drive and capabilities that will make or break your success. However, leadership doesn't just mean old-school hierarchies and charismatic personalities! Every single person has leadership potential, and finding your own style is an invaluable exercise in self-awareness and professional growth. Think of yourself as a leader and resource yourself as one, including supporting your own personal and professional development to constantly improve your ability to handle the on-going challenges of being "the boss".

2. Power up your people 

When you chart the course and then tap into the intrinsic motivation of individuals, staff manage themselves. Make people your passion—learn about psychology, study personalities, and practice active listening. The more you can see, empathise with and engage multiple perspectives, no matter how different from yours, the greater your ability to influence, motivate and inspire people to achieve your outcomes...all while minimising conflict and creating a positive, productive culture your team love being part of. 

3. Plug into technology

Automate everything! Review all your repetitive tasks and look for ways to offload them to your computer, phone or a software programme. Upskill in your favourite programmes to discover new efficiencies (you can learn almost everything on YouTube!), sync all your devices so you have anytime, anywhere access, and stay up to date with the latest apps and platforms that make your life easier. Want a one-stop-shop? Get aimy Plus outside school hours care software (OSHC)—you'll never look back. 

4. Participate in your community

Relationships make the world go around, and life is much easier with a little help from your friends! Build strong reciprocal relationships with the people and organisations around you to add capability to your OSCAR offering. Engaging with councils, schools, businesses and local experts is a great way to both resource your activities and get kids involved in the wider community...all while creating a viral word-of-mouth network to sing the praises of your programme to potential new families


Running your centre like a boss and ready to level up?

aimy Plus is outside school hours care software (OSHC) purpose-built to automate your administration and save you time and money. We've helped OSCAR managers from United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, South Africa, and Ireland to improve the way their centre runs. For a free chat about whether outside school hours care software (OSHC) is right for you,, Contact Us Today.

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