School Holiday Programme Ideas | Make your OSCAR programme a hit these holidays


Fantastic school holiday programme ideas

Themes and games to make your holiday OSCAR programme a big hit these holidays. 


Make great holiday memories! Try out our holiday programme ideas for your OSCAR programme, with theme days and activities that can be adapted for all ages. 


Slumber Party

Watch a double feature movie and wear pyjamas. Drink hot chocolate or milkshakes. Bake cookies. Make and eat crazy popcorn and judge the most creative. Build comfy forts or pirate ships out of chairs and blankets. Make an inside obstacle course. Personalise pillowcases or friendship bracelets. Talk about dreams. Tell funny stories. Draw a portrait of your best friend. Pillow fights!

Backwards Day

Wear your clothes backwards and your shoes on the wrong feet. Practice handstands and have a backwards walking race. Make art with your other hand. Use surnames as first names. Eat lunch for breakfast and breakfast for lunch. No means yes and yes means no. Learn to sing the alphabet or another song backwards. 

Fame Day

Dress up as a celebrity. Set up a photo booth with glamorous props. Take paparazzi photos and give out prizes for the best pose. List what you would do with a million dollars. Write a movie scene, then act and film it. Choreograph a dance to a pop song and have a dance crew battle. Sing karaoke. 

Superhero Day

Identify your secret superpower. Make a costume. Draw comic strips or act in skits. Eat hero sandwiches. Accomplish missions (a themed scavenger hunt or mini-Olympics). Discuss real life heroes.  

Wacky Wednesday

Decorate wacky clothes and give each other wacky hairstyles. Create and eat wacky food. Walk and talk wacky. Make everyone call you a wacky name. Sing wacky songs. Make wacky rules and stick to them. Write and share the wackiest stories and jokes. Play wacky tag with silly string. Sculpt wacky animals. 

Friendship Friday

Make friendship bracelets. Hold a staring contest. Write compliments on Post-Its and stick them to life-sized outlines of each other. Learn partner acrobatics. Draw, paint or sculpt your best friend. Play 20 Questions to get to know someone new. Tie one arm and leg to a partner and play tag, dodge ball or volleyball.

Relaxation Day

Learn yoga or mindfulness. Have a tea ceremony. Paint fingernails or make mud masques. Have a reading marathon. Listen to relaxing music. Go on a nature walk. Use free time to relax your favourite way.

Survival Week

Form tribes. Wear war paint and invent a war cry. Explore the bush. Go orienteering. Compete in bush survival skills. Make a bivouac. Build a campfire and cook lunch. Bird watch. Learn about conservation. Volunteer to help people in need.

Bouncy Castle Olympics

Make a bucket list of bounces and do as many as you can. Compete in body javelin, bouncy gymnastics, and bouncy sumo wrestling. Attempt a human pyramid. Play tag with the bouncy castle as a safe zone—but only if you stay bouncing! Add bouncy balls. Re-enact scenes from The Matrix. Have a bouncy disco.


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