Seasonal Play Ideas

Seasonal Play Ideas

Embrace the seasons with aimy Plus after school childcare software,
and get fun programme ideas along with admin made easy.





  • Write some spring-themed haikus.

  • Get gardening...plant some bulbs to pretty up your own outdoor area,
    or volunteer your green thumbs to a local school, business or the elderly.

  • Make cute and tasty flowerpot cupcakes and collect real flowers to decorate them with.

  • Visit a local dairy or sheep farm and cuddle newborn calves, kids and lambs! Spring is baby season for farmers, and the most exciting time to learn about livestock, life cycles and New Zealand's primary industries.

  • It's allergy season, but all your kid's sensitivities and medications can be easily accessed and 
    managed with your after school childcare software.



  • Set up a beach volleyball net outdoors or table tennis table indoors, form teams, have a semester-long tournament, and compete for the championship!

  • Make pool noodle finger flingers to liven up your next pool party.

  • Whip up some DIY sidewalk chalk and colour a huge outdoor mural together.

  • If you're close to a beach, take a field trip and try your hands at sandcasting...literally!.


  • Send kids on an Autumn Scavenger Hunt.

  • An oldie but a goodie: leaf rubbings. Or get even more creative with some fresh new leaf art ideas.

  • Stir up this easy hot apple cider recipe and drink it out of funky self-made apple mugs. Yum!


  • Learn some nifty card tricks to amuse friends and family in front of the fire on cold nights.

  • Excite kids with an ice excavation.

  • Get outside and make the most of mud, or turn that summer slip-n-slide into a mudslide! Get kids to bring a change of old clothes to keep parents as happy as kids in mud.

  • Do a weather study to learn about cloud formations, thunder and lightening, hail, cyclones and more. Make your own crystal snowflakes or personalised and unique name snowflakes.



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