SKIDS all over the country are using Aimy Plus!

Stephen – Skids Balmoral

“We’ve been involved with Aimy right from the get-go. From the beginning I’ve seen it as an investment in time. I’m getting that time back now by not sitting at the computer invoicing. I’m not glued to the screen. I’m actually getting out into my business and interacting with my customers and supporting my staff.

“I can pretty much do everything I want from my mobile phone now, so with a quick push of a button I can access the information I used to have to sit down and search for. This means that on the go, anywhere, anytime, I can give my customers up-to-date information. Straight away I can access all my emergency contacts, my allergy information – anything to do with a child I need to know is right there in my hands. Not just time, but it saves me a heck of a lot of paperwork because everything that used to be in a thick file is now in my phone.”

Louie – Skids Willowpark

“I recommend Aimy because it’s friendly to use and you can access it 24/7. It’s easy for everyone – I highly recommend it.”

Carlo – Skids Mellons Bay

“What I like about Aimy is that it’s just so easy to use. Dean and his team are very helpful. If you have queries they’re always ready to help. My parents all want to book in using Aimy, without the hassle, it’s really easy to use.”

Manor - Skids Titirangi, Laingholm, Massey

“I just love Aimy. It has made my work so much easier and has given me so much personal time. I go to the gym now, as well as lots of other things. I spend time on marketing rather than invoicing and printing- it’s become almost paperless. I just love Aimy and thumbs up for this neat software!”