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The future of software for OSCAR  

Get OSCAR support that evolves with the changing world, meets your needs, and saves you even more time and money in the future.


Admin support for OSCAR programmes can be the make or break of your offering—and your sanity! You're already busy and the constantly changing world just keeps giving you things to do.

But don't worry; your OSCAR support will be even easier in the future than it is today We're always looking for ways to add even more value, functionality and features to our OSCAR support software to make running your programme as awesome as attending it. Here's what we've got in the works to take your admin support for OSCAR to the next level:


Better engagement with parents

We're working hard to offer improved in-the-loop information to parents, such as real time attendance confirmation, headcounts, photos and video with the ability to share with other family members so everyone can enjoy the fun!

More support for your subsidies

We want to take the headache out of subsidy bureaucracy.  As government systems and processes become more and more digitalised, we'll be ready with one-touch OSCAR support features to process and reconcile your subsidies as easily as you run the rest of your programme with aimy Plus. 

aimy Plus app

Coming to iTunes and Google Play soon, our app enables your staff to access on-the-spot information without the internet for faster roll calls, multiple signatures, and access to child medical conditions and protocol.  Now that's what we call OSCAR support!


Excited by the future of software for OSCAR?

Get ahead of the OSCAR support game with aimy Plus, the software for OSCAR that keeps your future needs in mind.  Admin support for OSCAR has never been easier get started and Contact Us Today.

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