Time Management Tips | Making admin support for OSCAR easier


Time Management Tips

7 secrets to making admin support for OSCAR easier.


You're the receptionist, the creative department, the operations manager, the customer service team and the boss—not to mention the go-to person for every question, suggestion and crisis on a daily basis—yet you still only get the same 24 hours per day as everybody else.

Work smarter, not harder! Admin support for OSCAR programmes doesn't have to be overwhelming. Your admin and OSCAR support will be easier than ever with our simple time management tips.


1. Take notes

Don't rely on your memory; you're too busy for that. Instead always carry a notebook or device where you can jot down anything you need to know or handle later, from people's names to important dates to fresh ideas. You'll feel better just knowing successful admin support for OSCAR isn't completely reliant on your overtired, very busy brain!

2. Do one thing at a time

Multi-tasking is a myth and switching gears between your many modes while running your OSCAR programme loses more productivity than it gains. Multi-tasking is how mistakes happen and details slip through the gaps. It also sets unrealistic and overwhelming workload expectations. If you only juggle when absolutely necessary you'll not only be more efficient, you'll have more capacity to ensure accuracy when you really are under pressure. 

3. Email efficiently

Instead of being responsive in real time, consider if it's possible to set aside focused time to check and respond to email. Handle each email once and either reply, delegate, or put it in your task list. Replies should be brief and to the point—use the 6 Sentence Rule: if it is longer than six sentences, a phone call may be more productive. 

4. Organise openly

Now that you are keeping notes and completing one task at a time, make sure you track your "dones" and "to dos" in a transparent manner. This is important whether you are sharing information with your OSCAR support staff, or just want to save your future self from spending unnecessary time and energy. Use the method that works for you, whether manual, digital or cloud-based. The time you put into keeping it updated will be repaid several times over when everything you need to know is always easily accessible.  

5. Consider a course

Polytechs, IT providers and online training portals offer short courses that can teach you the basics of admin software like Word, Excel and Outlook. If you are handling all your OSCAR support yourself without specialised staff, understanding all the functionality of your tools increases your efficiency exponentially.

6. Make your phone your friend

Similar to the above, knowing all the functionality available to you on your phone can completely change your OSCAR support life! Have a chat to customer service at the local branch of your network provider, Google your phone model...or just talk to a teenager.

7. Know your keyboard shortcuts

Unless you have an office background, you may not know the easy little computer hacks that save your hand moving from the keyboard to the mouse when you change tasks, helping you stay focused. Try these out to start:

  • CTRL + X (Cut)
  • CTRL + C (Copy)
  • CTRL + V (Paste)
  • CTRL + S (Save)
  • CTRL + P (Print)


Ready to take time management to the next level?

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