What is Aimy Plus?

Aimy plus is a cloud based software, so you can access your business anywhere, anytime.

Designed and built to minimise paperwork and make your life a whole lot easier, Aimy Plus is the future of integrated business. Whether you’re running a single or multisided operation, Aimy Plus provides you with the tools to systemise everything online, saving you valuable hours, and stressful days trying to keep track of everyone and everything.

Our user friendly dashboard gives you the tools to run your business from start to finish. It allows you to create plans and programs, which parents can select and book online. As a manager you can instantly confirm and charge the parents, simplifying the invoicing process. You can get paid instantly, and send receipts online, avoiding any hassle or confusion.

Our extensive onsite management tools allow your team to control the sign in and sign out process, such as roll call and headcounts, as well as giving you access to centralised notes and information on the children. Can track of who’s allergic to peanuts, or which kid has asthma, all with Aimy’s database. Rest assured, Aimy Plus is helping you safeguard the children AND your program.

For the parents, Aimy provides the best tools, allowing them to stay in the loop when it comes to their children. Parents can enrol, view photos and pay invoices immediately. The portal is also where you can notify parents of promotions and offers, and keep them posted with any alerts or updates, via text messages and emails.

With integrated financial accounting, and real time access to data from a range of platforms, Aimy Plus provides you with up to the minute reporting on your program. Aimy Plus takes care of running your business, so you can get back to doing what you love.

If you’d like to know more about Aimy Plus, please feel free to contact us. Our friendly and helpful staff will be only too happy to help.

Aimy Plus can control everything from your desk.

Aimy Plus can control everything from your desk.