Why use aimy Plus? | OSCAR support for successful afterschool programs


Why use aimy Plus? 


Share the OSCAR support benefits of aimy Plus with other programmes and when they attend one of our demos, we'll give you $150 credit towards your next month's subscription.Or, attend one of our demos during the month of July and we will give you $150 credit towards your subscription fees. Here are just some of the ways aimy Plus supports successful afterschool programs: 

Safer kids 

Child safety is a huge focus at aimy Plus. If you've ever wished your kids had tracking devices, our OSCAR support software is the next best thing! You'll get real-time updating of attendance, instant access to emergency, allergy and contact details, and easy group notifications to keep staff and parents informed. 

Zero data entry 

Staff can capture attendances right from a tablet, invoices are generated automatically and parents can register and pay online. Eliminating the data entry load entirely. aimy Plus also has a handy 'clock in and clock out' feature for your staff – so no more manual data entry into your payroll.

No need for an office 

aimy Plus is cloud-based, so you can access your "office" from anywhere. Multi-user capabilities give your whole team access to real-time programme details, changes and other important information, with access permissions that can be completely customised by you.

Stress-free staff management

Payroll, planning rosters, staff availability and keeping track of contact details, calendars and qualifications are all made simple with aimy Plus OSCAR support software. aimy Plus also makes life easier for your staff, by allowing them the freedom to view their rosters on their personal devices and update their own personal information. 

Get paid faster

aimy Plus links with your accounting software to generate invoices automatically on the go, plus parents can pay easily through our online credit card facility. This will
boost your cashflow and enable you to see any outstanding accounts at the touch of a screen so you can follow up.

Relaxing nights and weekends

Successful afterschool programmes are often dependant on the personal resources of OSCAR program operators. Stop working late nights and reclaim your weekends—let aimy Plus take care of your OSCAR support administration so you can focus on the fun stuff...and get some work-life balance back. 

Be coached in industry best practice

As soon as you say yes to using aimy Plus, you will receive incredible support and customer service from our team of experts who will coach you on how you can optimise your business to be easier to manage and much more profitable — our clients love their return on investment.


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