aimy Plus Value Calculator

Use our calculator to estimate your time, money savings and value aimy Plus will produce for business now.

Fill in the fields with your estimated numerical values. The calculator will do the rest and show you what you can save.

  • How many hours per week do you or your staff spend on:

  • Hours currently spent
    Estimated hours you will save (Weekly)
  • 1. NEW Enrollments/Registrations
    save 80%
  • 2. Roll Management
    e.g. Creating roll-sheets, Making adjustments, Managing casual + part-time booking
    save 75%
  • 3. Billing Management
    e.g. Entering your roll-sheets into Xero
    save 100%
  • 4. Chasing late payments
    save 50%
  • 5. Dealing with Invoice Enquiries from existing clients or parents
    save 50%
  • 6. Programme-Planning
    save 50%
  • 7. Phoning Parents/Guardians when kids don't show up
    save 60%
  • 8. Filling out + Processing WINZ Forms + Payments
    save 50%
  • 9. Managing + Processing Staff Timesheets
    save 100%
  • Currently spent
    You save
  • TOTAL HOURS per week
  • TOTAL HOURS per month
    ("per week" x 4.33)
  • TOTAL VALUE per month
    $ {{total_monthly_value}}
    $ {{total_monthly_value_saved}}
    (monthly hours x reasonable hourly rate of $16/hr)
  • How much weekly lost revenue do you believe you lose due to:

  • $ per week
  • 1. Human errors
    e.g. incorrect charges, billing
  • 2. Missed marketing opportunities due to too much time on admin
  • Total Weekly
    Total Monthly
  • $ {{total_weekly_lost_revenue}}
    $ {{total_monthly_lost_revenue}}
  • How much value would you place on 'Better Business Performance' because you:

  • $ per week
  • 1. Have a well-run, efficient business with less administration headaches
  • 2. Have better work/life balance
    e.g. A few more evenings + weekends back
  • Total Weekly
    Total Monthly
  • $ {{total_weekly_personal_value}}
    $ {{total_monthly_personal_value}}

  • Total value of AIMY to you per month:
    $ {{total_value_AIME}}

Disclaimer: This calculator is to be used as an estimation only and should not be used to forecast exact figures.