Parent Contactless Sign-in/Sign-out

  • Safer
  • Easier
  • Health & Safety

We are super excited to bring you the revolutionary contactless solution.
Safer for parents and contact tracing requirement ticked for you!

In preparation for a post-COVID world and adhere to health and safety regulations most governments are now posing on businesses, we are proudly launching the brand new Global Contactless Sign-in/Sign-out Solution! Our team has worked extremely hard to deliver on time our global customers around the world.

How It Works for Parents

This new solution is provided along side the Onsite App on tablets to give parents the option of avoiding touching the public device. Furthermore, this solution offers the opportunity for all authorised pickups to supply or update their contact number, which is vital for contact tracing requirements. If one doesn't have any phone numbers recorded in aimyPlus, they will have to enter one before able to complete sign-in or sign-out.

Knowing Children on Site

Free For Aimy Existing Customers

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